Testimonial # 02: Timothy Lim

Name: Timothy Lim
Age: 48
Gender: Male
Fitness Goals:
1) Reduce body fats
2) Slim and tone abs
3) Heart healthy
4) Core strength building


What He Says:
“One day, I keep having headache and feeling stiff all over. After a medical check, I was told by doctor that I have high blood pressure and high cholesterol!! My doctor told me to control and diet and to start exercising. I find it so hard as I have not been exercising for years. I took up swimming and after a few months, my weight did not go down as much as I need to be healthy. So I took up Marcus’ Personal training program after seeing his advert on the papers. In 3 months time, I finally hit my ideal weight. It wasn’t difficult at all and I’m very happy with my results. When I meet friends I didn’t meet for a long time, they will pass nice compliments that I become fitter and better looking now!! Now I feel confident of myself and feeling young all over again!! Thanks Marcus. Now I’m even more motivated to build more muscles and keep on working towards my goal!”
-Timothy Lim,
School Teacher

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