Testimonial # 04: Daniel Thompson

Name: Daniel Thompson
Age: 36
Gender: Male
Fitness Goals:
1) Muscle Building
2) Core stability
3) Improve flexibility
4) Overall Fitness Conditioning

What He Says:
“Marcus Tam is the best trainer I’ve had because he makes me look forward to come for training. Marcus has a fantastic sense of humor but knows when it’s time to be serious. I trust his extensive knowledge in all areas of fitness from diet to stretching etc. Unlike a lot of other trainers that have just been taught one way of doing things Marcus has studied and experienced all forms of fitness. Marcus has taught me things I remember and will use all my life and just when you think there would be nothing more for him to tell you he gives you a gem that was very much needed. I suggest you give him a shot, if you don’t see his genius then don’t go back. Unlike other devious trainers, Marcus does not force you into a fulltime program. I highly recommend him and will surely continue to train with him every chance I get.

Daniel Thompson
Musical Director/ International Performer

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