Testimonial # 03: Sangeeta Venkatesh

Name: Sangeeta Vankatesh
Age: 46
Gender: Female
Fitness Goals:
1) Weight Reduction
2) Reduce bodyfat
3) Diet and Nutrition
4) Improve stamina and energy
What She Says:
“I use to workout very regularly in India and have been maintaining my weight at healthy level. However, being a working mother of 2 naughty kids, I was so caught up with my busy schedule that I put exercising at the end of my priority. During these years, I unknowingly put on weight slowly. I started to realized I was so unfit only after I came to Singapore with my husband for work. One day, while walking uphill to my condo, I started panting and could not talk! I was shocked as I could only hear my heart thudding loudly! That was when I decided to do something about it. A few days later, My husband and I came across a banner along River Valley Road which says, “O.T.O.T. Fitness”. We went in to check and found that it was a nice and cozy Gym. Marcus attended to us and showed how I can be fit again by exercising and eating the right way. Marcus is a wonderful trainer and is ever willing to give his best to you. The results are right in front of you. I was 78kg at the start, and after 3 months I am at my fittest ever at 56kg! I am continuing my membership at the gym as exercising there has become a part of me. The atmosphere is very good and I really enjoy going there. My whole family works out there now and thanks to Marcus and his wonderful training! I hope to work harder to achieve an hour glass figure soon, which has always been my DREAM. “

-Sangeeta Vankatesh,

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