Testimonial # 06: Paul Lilley

-Before: 78kg                                              –After: 70kg
Name: Paul Lilley
Age: 51
Gender: Male
 Fitness Goals:
1)Weight loss
2) Build Stamina
3) Peak performance for race
4) Reduce abdominal fats (beer belly)
What He Says:
“I used to be a professional soccer player back in London during my younger days. Those were the days when I could run so fast that I can feel wind blowing on my face. I thought those days were over after I became a Banker since then. Years of sedentary work had made me put on way too much weight to run again. I thought of signing up Personal training when my colleague recommended Marcus to me. The rest was history. Training with him was probably one of the best choice in my life! He exceeded my expectation and gave me results more than I can ever bargained for! He helped me lost 8kg and at the same time, he encouraged me to sign up a RACE! Yeah….. A RACE AT THE RIPE OLD AGE OF 51! And guess what? I came in 3rd in the Singapore Vertical Marathon! Wow! Need anymore explanation? Ask Marcus. He is marvellous! Thanks pal!”
Paul Lilley,
Bank Director
(Paul receiving his prize! 3rd fastest at one of the toughest race:
Singapore Vertical Marathon 2008)

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