Changes to format of SAF’s IPPT (Individual Physical Proficiency Test)

Starting from Apr 2015, the Singapore Armed Forces will revise their 5 stations IPPT to the new format of 3 stations. What are the 3 stations and what does it mean to the NS Men who will be taking the test?

Personally, I have already stepped down from National Service, therefore I would not be affected by the changes. Having taken the 5 stations test in the past, it was really physically strenuous just to take part in it.


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Reverse Metabolic Syndrome with Anti-Inflammatory Diet

Our modern society is inflammatory by nature. Out-of-control inflammation is the natural result of fast foods, processed foods, a toxic environment, high stress levels and lack of effective exercise. Inflammation is a major factor in all of the most deadly diseases. Heart disease, cancer, stroke and diabetes affect the lives of millions of people as a result of this inflammatory lifestyle.

Healthy food for healthy body

Healthy food for healthy body

Anti-inflammatory Diet

An Anti-inflammatory diet is not about eliminating inflammation. We need inflammation to heal normally. It is about bringing inflammation back into balance and allowing our body to heal naturally, the way it is designed.

The most important thing to focus on in the process of healing inflammation, as well as any disease process, is that it is about LIFESTYLE. There is no quick fix or magic three week diet.  It is about living a life that creates health. However, just as importantly, you do not have to make these lifestyle changes overnight!

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Reverse Metabolic Syndrome with Metabolic Conditioning

1. What is Metabolic Syndrome?

This is not quite a disease but a collection of symptoms and risk factors that result from altered metabolism. Metabolic syndrome is also called Syndrome X and it is characterized by insulin resistance. The process starts very subtly with weight gain and inflammation. As these progress, it then affects your blood pressure, cholesterol, blood sugar metabolism, and hormone balance.

Typical person with metabolic Syndrome (Before Metabolic Conditioning)

Typical person with metabolic Syndrome (Before Metabolic Conditioning)

After Metabolic Conditioning

After Metabolic Conditioning

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Have a medical condition? No worries! You can exercise with me :)

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As a certified Clinical Fitness Professional from Changi Sports Medicine Centre (CGH), I feel happy that I can help clients with medical conditions such as Diabetes, Hypertension, Asthma, Obesity, Arthritis etc. Usually patients may have fear that exercise may worsen their condition, or may not know how to exercise the right way. Continue reading

4 weeks Home Gym Program for warriors! NO expensive gym membership required!

fit-body 2

Here’s a fitness program that I like to use. I only spend 10-20 mins a day working out at home, and I still get to maintain my fitness really well. This program is suitable for people who are very busy and hardly have time to travel to fitness centre to spend hours working out there. So here’s the solution!

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