Testimonial # 05: Woon Tah Liang (Achieved IPPT Gold standard for 2007, 08 & 09)

Age: 32
Gender: Male
Fitness Goals:
1) Getting GOLD for IPPT
2) Body Toning
3) More energy and vigour
4) Reduce body fat
What He Says:
“Hello there, I’m a Gold medalist in IPPT. I could never believe this is true because the best I have ever achieve is only a PASS! But it all changed ever since I started training with Marcus. It was tough and I almost wanted to give up. But he was more than a Fitness Trainer. He is YOUR Personal Trainer. He monitored my progress and prescribe training regime that accelerated my progress towards reaching my goal.You know, it is so easy to give up on the training programe because we are so comfortable with where we are now. But Marcus knows all about bringing the best out of us. During my training programme he goes beyond just monitoring the number of repetitions I could do. He wants to understand my lifestyle and recommend changes to optimize my performance.

Hence session by session, I could feel myself getting stronger and better. Finally, all I need to attain my fitness target is within me. And I finally did the impossible! Thanks Marcus! ”

Woon Tah Liang, 32, IT programmer

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