The Trainer


Marcus Tam is a Personal Trainer since 2003. Friendly, approachable, and sincere to all his trainees. An eye for detail ensures all trainee get their results through safe and effective methods. Marcus continually upgrades his knowledge and skills by taking part in fitness workshops, seminars and courses.

Believe in holistic living- lifestyle, diet, exercise, rest and positive mindset. Marcus sets an example by being a non-smoker, non-drinker, and follows a strict vegetarian diet. Also regularly take part in sports races such as triathlons, biathlons, marathons, and vertical marathons. Marcus also continually take part in Muay Thai trainings and matches to hone his self defense skills.


Certified Krav Maga Trainer Level 1 by USKMI


muay boran

Muay Boran certification 2015

muaythai 1

Marcus Tam at Rough Academy 2015




1) CDANS Country Club -Part time instructor 2003

2) Fort Canning Country Club- Part time instructor 2003

3) Temasek Club- Part time instructor 2003

4) California Fitness Centre- Personal Trainer 2003

5) Hilton Hotel Fitness Centre- Part time instructor 2005-2011

6) OTOT Fitness Centre- Gym Manager 2004-2005

7) NUSS Graduate Club- Sports and Events Executive 2013

8) Freelance Personal Trainer, Group class instructor and Yoga Teacher 2005 till now




1) Certified Fitness Instructor SSC FIC  2003

2) Corrective Integrated Exercise AGHGSS  2003

3) Certified Sports Nutritionist IFA 2005

4) Youth Sports Trainer SSC 2011

5) Certified Functional Strength Trainer (Health Adventure) 2012

6) Certified EIMS Clinical Fitness Professional (CSMC and ACSM) 2013

7) PA Trainer (People’s Association Singapore) 2013

8) Health Ambassador (Health Promotion Board Singapore) 2013

9) Certified Small Group Personal Trainer (Fitness Innovation Singapore) 2015


1) Certified Kickboxing Instructor WAKO (World Association of Kickboxing Organizations) 2011

2) Muay Boran Workshop (Siamyout Thai Martial Arts and Culture Academy) 2015

3) Krav Maga Instructor (Singapore Krav Maga Force) 2015

4) Krav Maga Workshop by USKMI 2015

5) Krav Maga: Certified P1 Level by USKMI 2015

6) Krav Maga: Workshop on Anti-Kidnapping and 3rd Party Protection by IKMF 2015

7) Cardio Kickboxing Instructor: Certified by IFTA 2015

8) Muay Thai Trainer Level 1: Certified by ITI 2015


1) Certified Yoga Teacher VYASA YOGA Singapore 2011

2) Advanced Yoga Teacher VYASA YOGA Bangalore 2011


1) Certified CPR+AED (Singapore First Aid Training Centre) 2015

2) Standard First Aid (Red Cross Society Singapore) 2015

3) Certified CPR+AED (Red Cross Society Singapore) 2015



Marcus Tam MTCC 1 2016

Marcus Tam Kickbox cert IFTA 2015

Marcus Tam Krav Maga IKMF cert Anti Kidnap 2015

Marcus Tam Krav Maga P1 2015

Marcus Tam Krav Maga USKMI Workshop 2015

Marcus Tam CPR + AED 2015

Marcus Tam Standard First Aid 2015

Krav Maga Instructor 2015 Marcus Tam CPR AED 2015 Marcus Tam Group PT 2015 Marcus Tam Muay Boran 2015 BEC Marcus Tam clinical FP marcus tam Functional strength marcus tam Health Ambassador Marcus Tam ICE Marcus Tam kickboxing marcus tam marcus tam FI cert marcus tam first aid cert 2011 marcus tam yoga cert 1 marcus tam yoga cert 2 Sports nutritionist Marcus Tam Teaching Testimonial VYASA youth sports marcus tam


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