4 weeks Home Gym Program for warriors! NO expensive gym membership required!

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Here’s a fitness program that I like to use. I only spend 10-20 mins a day working out at home, and I still get to maintain my fitness really well. This program is suitable for people who are very busy and hardly have time to travel to fitness centre to spend hours working out there. So here’s the solution!

7 days a week, i set aside just 10-20 mins, fuss free. You only need to install a pull up bar, have a good quality exercise mat for floor exercises, and you are good to go! A fantastic workout for the whole body too!

Each day you will do 5 exercises only. These 5 exercises target the Chest, Back, Legs, Core, and Cardio. You will need to warm up for 5 mins before the exercise, and cool down with stretching for 5 mins after the workout.


Day 1

Wide Push up 20/ Pull up Overhand grip 10/ Squats 20/ Crunches 20/ Jumping Jack 1 min

Day 2

Diamond Push up 20/ Pull up Reverse Grip 10/ Lunges 20/ Superman 20/ Burpees 1 min

Day 3

Military Push up 20/ Pull up to sides 10/ Wide Squats 20/ Torso Rotation 20/ Chase the rabbit 1 min

Day 4

Spiderman Push up 20/ Towel Pull up 10/ Single Leg Deadlifts 20/ Reverse Crunches 20/ Elbow to knees 1 min

Day 5

Single Arm Push up 20/ Single Arm Pull up 10/ Calf raises 20/ Twist Crunches 20/ Jogging on the spot 1 min

Day 6

Commando Push up 20/ Pull up Isometric 10/ Lying Inner Thigh Raises 20/ Leg raises 20/ Side reach 1 min

Day 7

Incline Push up 20/ Pull up + Leg raises 10/ Standing outer thigh raises 20/ Oblique Crunches 20/ Lateral Shuttle Touch 1 min


The idea is to find the number of reps that you can perform to failure. Everyone have different fitness level. So the number of reps here is really just a guideline for you to have an idea about how to progress.

Week 1: Circuit x1

Week 2: Circuit x2

Week 3: Circuit x3

Week 4: Circuit x3 (Ex 1=25/ Ex 2= 12/ Ex 3= 25/ Ex 4=25/ Ex 5= 1.5mins)

Have fun and enjoy working out! Tell me your results after 4 weeks! Cheers!

Click this link below to download program in spreadsheet format: 

Home Gym Program 4 weeks of 5BX

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